Design and Project Design

In line with the information and requests we receive from our customers, we serve our customers in all aspects from determining the concept of a project to choosing land/venue, 3D drawings on computers (render and animation), determining project details considering production, technical opportunities and usage requirements, working on feasibility (investment costs, determining budgets, capacities etc.), application and preparation of architectural projects.

3D Production

We take these products that aim to increase brand recognition and awareness especially in the advertisement industry and bring them to life by fully complying with corporate rules and lines.

Theme Park Organization

Outdoor Factory creates theme park projects, that has been a World culture for a long time and became rather popular in our country for the last couple of years and that will make you forget time and space and let you have wonderful memories with your family from ground zero and provides you with turnkey projects. 


We bring design and technology together in museum projects. This way, we aim to transfer our historical and cultural values to next generations in the healthiest and most catchy way possible. By using interactive technologies, we aim to attract all visitors while uniting our museums with art by using oil painting dioramas and realistic sculptures and bringing a unique innovation to the common museums with our modern concept designs.

Special Projects

We start working on the project by determining each and every step of the project through the finest details including everything you can dream of and more. We continue to do this until we obtain a unique project and we stop and look back to admire what we have done together with you. We even take our place in Guinness World Records with the giant Piggy Bank we created for German Sparkasse Bank.


As Açıkhava Fabrikası, we represent corporate brands that are leaders in their industries with our service understanding that gathers all services under a single roof and answers to all kinds of needs with high quality and production standards for years.

We safely represent leader brands such as ABC Rides Switzerland, Cetec LPS, Heimotion, Maurer Rides and Sunkid. This way, we can offer our customers all kinds of benefits and privileges that come along with these global brands.

Our Fields of Expertise