VIALAND, the first shopping, entertainment and lifestyle complex in Turkey and the world to combine a theme park, shopping center and exhibition center in one, with an investment by the Gürsoy Group valued at 650 million dollars, opened its doors to visitors on May 26, 2013. 
VIALAND, which is the first shopping, entertainment, and life complex to combine a theme park, a shopping mall, and a show center both in Turkey and in the world, was opened on 26 May 2013 with an investment of 650 million dollars. VIALAND operates on an area of 600,000 sqm within the body of Gürsoy Investment Holding and offers alternatives for all ages and preferences with its rich brand range on 110,000 sqm rentable commercial spaces located on its indoor and outdoor shopping streets. VIALAND Castle, which rises with all its glory on an area of 200,000 sqm at the entrance of VIALAND theme park, opens the doors to a dreamland to its visitors. And its 100,000 sqm show center includes a concert venue for 15,000 people, a wide green field, a lagoon, and various activity fields appealing to large groups.