We are serious about design


We provide services that cover all your bases in the design phase; masterplan, graphic design, conceptualization, prototyping, theme-based toy and character design, thematic architecture. 


We employ a team that consists of expert sculptures, artists, architects, engineers, graphic designers, finance professionals and technical experts. 


Our work is not just based off of design specs; we also explore the region’s history, culture, texture, we identify its needs, we assess the landscape, and as a result we provide our clients with several alternative design themes to choose from.


Integral to our success, lies our dedication to design, the quality of our team and our commitment to providing the best possible service to our clients.





Masterplan is first key step of every project; this is where we define the project’s identity.


The masterplan is the one place where you can find all ideas and decisions about the project’s scope, concept, requirements, design, timeline, financial and technical feasibility.


(This phase includes conceptualization ideas, location selection, 3D graphic design (renders and animations), technical feasibility analysis, defining project specs based on technical capabilities and client/consumer needs and preparation of the financial plan)


Conceptual Design

Conceptual design is at the core of every project, this is where we define the project’s personality.


During this stage, our expert designers create various themes, concepts, color palettes and architectural flavors for every project and provide the customer with a blueprint of how the project will find form.


Graphic Design

Once the team agrees on the conceptual design, we start the detail design of each unit and each experience in the project.


At the end of this stage, our designers and architects provide us with a final 3D visualization of how the project will look at completion.


Theme-based Attraction/Experience Design

During this stage, each area/unit and its technical parts are custom-designed based on the selected theme by our expert experience designers and engineers.


We pay special attention to making sure capacity requirements and operational targets are met, and each experience is fully-compliant with all safety protocols.


Theme-based Architecture

Our expert architectures and planners construct the blueprint and design for the buildings, gardens, social areas, lighting and signage for the project. We pay special attention to make sure that even details like lamp posts and trash cans are custom-designed for each theme.


Character Design

As a final touch, our artists use the latest software and techniques in 3D design and prototyping to finalize the characters in the project.


Our teams are skilled in the use of tools like Maya, Rhino, Zbrush, 3D Smax, 3dmax, Artcam, Autocad and PS.